BMGen offers its expertise in the areas of preclinical cancer research, genomics and bioinformatics for the benefit of customers in form of standard and customized contract research projects.

Preclinical tumor models are part of our collaboration program with several industry partners including pharmaceutical companies. We have collaboratively developed drug testing platforms on organoid cultures, GEMMs and syngraft mouse models of cancer. These platforms have been validated for drug and target validation purposes. For new collaboration initiatives please contact us directly.

BMGen has over ten years of experience in collaborative genome profiling projects with various customers including academics and industry partners. BMGen provides guidance on the selection of the most suitable genome profiling platform for customer’s goals and requirements. Important parameters include a number of samples, starting material, quality and quantity of the samples, and cost-effectiveness.

Requirements for bioinformatics analyses depends on the project and BMGen has wide experience from analyzing genomic data from lower organisms to humans. Different options for bioinformatics analyses are first discussed with customer and the analysis is tailored based on the customer’s needs. Data analysis services include all necessary consultation during the process, from the initial analysis requirements and specifications to the delivery of final results.