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Biomedicum Genomics
Comprehensive functional genomics services and solutions provider at Biomedicum Helsinki.

Biomedicum Genomics (BMGen) provides academic and industrial clients access to a wide range of functional genomics technologies, services and partnering solutions.

Our core technologies include genome-wide expression, copy number profiling, miRNA expression, DNA-protein interaction (ChIP-on-chip), Illumina high-throughput sequencing including nucleic acid quality and quantity assessment. For gene silencing and ectopic expression purposes, we offer high-titer shRNA and ORF lentiviruses targeting genes of interest.

We also offer customized services e.g. preparation of gain or loss-of-function cell lines and protein interactomics-based services (yeast two-hybrid). In addition, we provide access to wide array of computational data analyses. BMGen also offers partnering deals for clients interested in customized integration of several technologies.

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